True Strength is Vulnerability and Emotional Expression

As a generalisation, society conditions people that positive emotions are the only acceptable state, otherwise a doctor may say we are depressed and anti-depressions are recommended. If we are upset as a child, most parents do not validate such emotions, they may say “Go and get a biscuit and you […]

We Get What Our Unconscious Emotions Create

I am a big believer that we don’t get what we want in life, we get what our unconscious emotions create. Therefore if repeat patterns provide different outcomes to are desires, then it is our unconscious conditioning driven by our emotions that are the fuel on the fire making it […]

What is the real issue with focus at the Vodafone Warriors?

After a horrendous week for the Vodafone Warriors, Radio Sport has been running hot with a huge number of people giving their view on what is wrong with the team leading to such inconsistent results! I have not heard anybody actually talk of the real issue which I suspect is at […]

My Emotional Blind Spots, Vulnerabilty and Shadows 2

As a New Zealand male on my journey to discover my true emotional connection, I do appreciate how far I have come, yet learn today how much further this road will take me. Many years ago, I had the common yet now more outdated New Zealand stereotype attitude of “Take […]

Listen to the Heart is the Ongoing Challenge 3

Today I had an interesting wake-up call on my journey and awareness of the difference between head and heart intelligence! Firstly the background is more than 10 years of working on emotional awareness, learning to listen to my heart intelligence. This was after the preceding 10 year period, when I had […]

Follow Your Heart

Pressure Makes Champions 1

The old saying pressure makes champions, does not apply in tonights Super Rugby match when no pressure finally created a champion Crusaders Super Rugby performance. In the build up to tonights match I heard a sports commentator say the dynasty was over with the Crusaders Super Rugby team not likely to make the […]

Inspiration of Tracking Time using iPad Time App

Time is our most valuable asset. Especially as a business owner getting the focus and allocation of time in the right areas is so critical for success. Working on the business, as opposed to working in the business is the constant challenge of many business owners, including my own personal use of […]

Using Your Childhood To Clarify Your Leadership Purpose

I found this short video inspirational from Nick Craig of the Authentic Leadership Institute, he explains how to mine your child hood to better define our Leadership Purpose. For me freedom is a major theme which is part of my purpose to help others find their own authentic success, which […]