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New Name and New Website for Robert C Robertson

My parents almost named me Robert Robertson but they were unsure about the sound of it, so they called me Craig Robertson instead. Fast forward to November 2013, having never felt Craig was me and having never liked this first name, I added Robert to the front of my legal name, Craig Robertson.  I will soon legally […]

Wellington Phoenix FC has the wrong culture – thanks Gareth Morgan

The rise of the Phoenix from the ashes is a wonderful story if it actually happened. Well, there was certainly some encouragement at the start of this 2012/13 season with the players making comments about the positive team culture and how wonderful the camaraderie was at the Wellington Phoenix FC squad. Why did the wheels […]

I Believe – My Personal Foundation 2

I beleive it is time to STAND-UP and STAND-OUT in the world as consciousness and the world changes in the current big shift.  Live on the edge!  Live, love and learn like no tomorrow to make the most of each moment. The STAND OUT theme came from the National Speakers Association Conference I attended in Melbourne last […]

Life Meaning

An amazing 4 days in Wellington the weather was awesome and the conference inspiring.  Meeting up with an old friend produced a fascinating conversation on the meaning of life.  Well simple question? Ok maybe not!! I explained the two biggest books that are like my manuals that explain life are by Deepak Chopra and Eckhart […]

Belief Not Talent is Lacking in New Zealand Tennis

Image by Getty Images via @daylife What an impressive first set by local tennis player Michael Venus yesterday against Tommy Robredo in the Heineken Open.  This event is New Zealand’s annual ATP tour event attracting some of the world’s top tennis players. Michael Venus played much of the first set looking like he could be a top […]

Sports Hydration 4

Image by Run to Win via Flickr Training for the Auckland half marathon last month, yes not much fun at the best of times, was highened by developing a tight lower back.  Thinking it could be old age, OK you are only as old as you feel which is now 21 again, or maybe general lack of serious training was at fault, […]