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Why do we accept that getting older is reality? – Read this inspirational article about physical immortality by Dr Janni Lloyd

After reading a number of her fascinating blog posts I was inspired by the commitment of Dr Janni Lloyd. She is a medical doctor who has now devoted herself to the study of physical immortality. She writes about physical immortality as potentially possible from the viewpoint of medical science. That Medical science is largely based on Newtonian […]

Great insights about Leadership from Simon Sinek

This 4min video from Simon Sinek has some nice insights and an inspirational story about Leadership. Simon Sinek is well known for his TED talk, which is in the top 5 most viewed all time TED talks, and his book ‘Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everybody to Take Action.’ Although he does not like the term good or great, he explains how […]

Get Passionate! Get Even Team NZ – Sports psychology pressure by Robert Robertson on Team NZ in the Americas Cup 2013

After the frustration of listening to the passionless Dean Barker, I got fired up in my video blog post today. I explain that the key to peak ‘in the zone’ sports performance is emotion. Emotion means ‘from which motion comes’ and can be defined as energy in motion. My video blog below explains the Sports Psychology […]