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Being ‘In The Zone’ to earn $1.8m Prize Money 4

A great example of being ‘In The Zone’ was the winning of the Bristish Open this weekend. Louis Oosthuizen earned a cool $1.8m in prize money. Not bad for an unknwon 25 year-old South African.

Goals or no goals living free 2

Having a clear path forward, while staying open to change constantly adjusting your Map based on feel, provides a sense of clarity in the moment. Feeling clear and together, without the mental clutter, helps create the foundation of self belief to heighten the power of the moment and sense of trust.

Life should flow with ease 63

Life is supposed to flow with ease and joy when you are on track and doing what you enjoy.  Gone are the old days with the mindset that life should be tough! Deepak Chorpra describes this flow in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The fourth law is the THE LAW OF LEAST EFFORT.  A […]