The Emotional Fitness and Mental Skills to improve your Personal Best in Sport

 Emotional Fitness™

High-Performance & Inner Trust

Emotional Fitness is the central hub of human high-performance, the key to higher resilience, trust and inner freedom. To be able to feel and use the full array of emotions. This helps us better navigate daily life, by knowing how to integrate and own negative emotions for growth, to be able to feel good about who we are and attract a healthy flow of what we want in all areas of life. Empowered with a kit bag of high-performance mental tools and skills.

Robert C Robertson (Rob) is an Author, Speaker & Coach that helps people understand Emotional Fitness™ and how to grow high performance, self-esteem and inner trust. This passion is powered by the tools he discovered on his journey, replacing anxiety, abuse and self-doubt with self-esteem and self-trust.

He is on a mission to empower people to achieve more in life, sport, and business. To empower better decision making, reduce stress and overwhelm, to achieve greater high-performance flow in all aspects of life.


The massive gifts that have resulted from released anger and self-doubt from abuse as a 7-year old, is why I am driven to help others avoid the same inner self-esteem struggles. To feel empowered and good about who we are.

True inner freedom is not being ‘Mr Positive’ in the head as I was for 10 years. That was living the illusion that being safe was to control things so that I did not feel the emotions I did not want or understand. True freedom is to allow the full spectrum of emotions. To know how to benefit from negative emotions. The inner trust without judgment that any situation is feedback, along the journey of the high-performance more resilient state of ‘flow’ empowered to be able to handle anything.

By sharing the Emotional Fitness™ tools that I’ve discovered, we help empower people to manage their focus, time, energy, and emotions for higher productivity and performance in life and sport. An inner toolkit to build greater freedom, self-esteem and trust.

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What Our Clients Say

Below are some client comments after working with Robert Robertson.

“Robert provides his clients support and encouragement to get clarity on their goals and intentions, and then delivers strategies to help make them happen. He goes above and beyond to ensure his clients succeed! Highly recommended.”

Anne Boswell

Director, Brightspark Communications

“While seeking help on gaining clarity around the type of leader and role model I should focus on becoming, I hired Robert to coach me through reaching the next level in my career.

He worked with enthusiastic energy, while constantly demonstrating his expert knowledge in both personal and business professional development. I stepped up in both areas of my life and he succeeded in teaching me the highly effective habits of successful people. I still use these in my daily life today.

I would recommend Robert to anyone who is looking to step up and step out and needs a strong and confident guide to light the way. ”

Jason Liddiard

CEO, HubStar

“Robert offered his valuable to time to assist me with strategic thinking around my personal management of business challenges. His style is very easy going and non-judgemental and he provides some useful tools for narrowing your focus on key issues. Leadership can be tough at times and there can be big expectations on personal performance which flows into team performance. Ultimately the answers are often within yourself and Robert can help you draw these out.”

Nick Yates

CEO, Switch Utilities

“Our time with Robert was very valuable as he helped us figure out who we were as a company and what we wanted to project to our clients and staff. The skills that he worked through with us allowed us to lay a foundation for our company that has paved the way for increased success over the past 2 years and we hope to continue on into the future. Robert has an innate ability to extract what is in your head, put it down on paper and get it to make sense in a way that is motivating and inspiring. The processes that Robert provided us with provided clarity for us and our team. We hope to work with Robert again in the future.”

Brady Williams

Managing Director, Active Building Management

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