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Productivity Hacker

As the speed of technology growth explodes, so does the possible level of distraction, stimulation and overwhelm. By starting with a Tech Health Check, Robert C Robertson helps connect the systems, data and technology for vastly higher productivity. Double handling and manual processing is not longer considered OK, yet it is still the norm in many businesses. To get ideas and the support to raise productivity with the right cloud technology tools to inspire a ‘get more done culture’, book a free online strategy session to look at how you can raise performance, productivity and profitability.

Keynote Speaker

Robert C Robertson is a professional speaker driven to make success and high-productivity easier, by understanding the fast changing technology landscape of tools and apps, plus the emotional fitness creating vastly higher resilience, productivity and output. To find the high-performance “flow” advantage, which is a consistent peak performance vastly more productive state in sport, leadership and team output.

Teaching practical skills on how Technology and Emotional Fitness enable High-Productivity. Built on his personal journey overcoming huge fear and self doubt, combined with his passion for technology, have helped him more efficiently follow and achieve his dreams. He has an inspirational message, linked with valuable technology tools and techniques to shift thinking and inspire purposeful focus and action.

Keynote Topics

  • Cloud Integration, IT Strategy, Productivity Tools & Digital Transformation

  • AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Technology Trends & Strategy

  • Productivity, Information Overwhelm, Mindset, Stress and Time Management

  • Team Culture, Collaboration and Team Communication Tools

  • Emotional Fitness, Resilience, Sports Psychology, Anxiety and Mental Skills

  • Personal Success, Life Balance, Goal Setting, Inner Trust and Leadership

  • Sales Strategy, Building Trusted Relationship and Digital Growth Strategy

  • Business Automation, IT Systems and Marketing Automation Strategy

Business Mentor and Coach

Since 2006 Robert C Robertson has been a business mentor for Business Mentors NZ and was trained as an Executive Coach in 2001 and is passionate about helping people find both inner and outer freedom and flow. This can also overlap into his work as a mental skills coach in sports.

Book a free online strategy session to decided if Robert is a good match for you to raise your personal performance, productivity and flow.



The Strategy for High-Productivity

Robert C Robertson

Robert C Robertson is based in Auckland New Zealand but using online technology such as the 1pageplan has clients all around the world.