Why Homeless Guy Turned Down a Free Motel

I was going to the supermarket at Countdown but saw a massive queue, so I stopped to turn around and there was a homeless man sitting nearby. I stopped and said in a really low-key way “have you been to the city mission, I thought they are providing accommodation?”.

Then a fascinating conversation followed as he said yes, he had been offered free accommodation at Royal Oak and that he chose not to take it because he couldn’t live indoors. So I asked why with interest, and he said confined space does his head in and he goes crazy.

I then asked more and sat down beside him on my Countdown shopping bag, well on my knees anyway, just out of the 2-metre range, and he said police know him and he’s harmless, he is not drinking and he’s chosen that lifestyle.

“Do you mind people talking to you?” I asked, and he said no, it’s good because he does get lonely! He does have a crew and a team of them that hang out, he said. 

Also, a nice lady walked past and gave him an Easter egg. Then I thanked him for sharing his story.

I now have a sincere appreciation and a very different view of the homeless.

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