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Robert C Robertson

Robert C Robertson (Rob) is an Entrepreneur, Speaker & Productivity Expert that helps people enjoy greater time freedom and inner trust. This passion is due to the tools he discovered on his personal journey, replacing anxiety and self-doubt with self-esteem and self-trust.

His other passion is technology, and how the explosion of new AI tools can build greater business freedom. Technology helps provide outer freedom, with Emotional Fitness ™ the core empowering inner freedom of greater resilience, trust, and higher productivity.

He created the Inner Trust Engine™ and Team Trust Engine™ methodology and tools to empower people to achieve more in life, sport, and business. To empower better decision making, reduce stress and overwhelm, to achieve more in less timeRob’s own results across sport, life, and business have been greatly enhanced by using these tools, with 2019 a breakthrough year in sports performance and mental toughness.  

As Founder and CEO of Unboxed Performance, Rob leads a remote team that is spread across 3 countries.  This business helps clients choose the right technology and business strategy to build a high-performance team culture.  Ultimately, people get more done when they are driven by passion and purpose if they love what they do. 

The second area of the business is Unboxed Office, providing virtual assistants to support each client’s digital marketing and office productivity. This is all the virtual business support services that owners least enjoy which can be outsourced.

WhY Robert C Robertson?

Robert C Robertson’s purpose is to make freedom and high-productivity easy for clients. As the CEO of Unboxed Digital and Unboxed Performance, he runs workshops and speaks on how to achieve high-productivity with the right balance of Technology and Emotional Fitness. Emotional Fitness refers to the level of emotional self-understanding, to either be disconnected or in-tune with our self, which helps determine the level of performance and productivity obtainable in business and sport. Rob also works as a Sports Mental Skills Coach.

Emotional Fitness

Robert’s fascination with Emotional Fitness and Mental Skills started as an 11-year-old when selected for the Mid-Canterbury rep soccer team. While very proud of this achievement, he felt out of his depth at this higher level. This massive self-doubt was reflected in not excelling under pressure. Then a similar challenge aged 18 playing tennis for Mid-Canterbury, helped trigger his thirst to learn everything he could about growing his self-esteem and inner confidence, to release self-doubt and gain the edge in both sport and business. 

A core junction in this journey was understanding the powerful influence of emotions in creating his thoughts and future outcomes. Over the 15 years developed the Emotional Fitness Toolkit, he discovered loads of hidden emotions and anger that created his self-doubt. The outcome of this inner growth journey was a new feeling of freedom, which is the fuel driving him today to help others have greater self-belief under pressure to achieve peak-productivity in sport and life.

Over the years, Robert had noticed a big reduction in self-doubt when in a supportive positive team environment. This has driven Robert’s passion to help others shift their team thinking, to the new culture of collaboration and high-performance trust. Especially important today when the old methods of team communication are no longer as effective. Hence the right technology to share, focus and support team collaboration, can create huge gains in productivity and team performance.

As well as speaking on the topics of team productivity and self-esteem, Robert helps CEO’s and team managers get the right technology, systems and Emotional Fitness for high-productivity and greater trust.


Robert’s passion for growing people and high-productivity teams, is built on his practical history as a senior manager himself, plus his proven experience in leadership development as a professional facilitator, mentor and coach.

Robert career history, includes his formally trained as an Executive Coach and the role of National Sales Manager at One.Net in Australia. Responsible for more than 50 staff and team leaders. He also was the Leadership Specialist at ACE Insurance. 2IC for NZ responsible for the leadership and development of more than 100 people across NZ.

His personal passion for ‘Sport’ that been an interesting journey of new knowledge, with all the lessons about how his attitude and emotions influence Emotional Fitness helping build his resilience and self-esteem. In rugby, he made the North’s Rugby 1st grade professional squad in NSW, Australia, where injury impacted his performance but it was his variable self-belief that was the true source limited his outcomes. Fuelled by his passion for sport, he set out to unlock the answers to creating his own personal peak productivity; the science of Emotional Fitness and ‘how to be the best you can be’, leading Robert to further studies in Sports Psychology at Newcastle College, United Kingdom, 1997. Dedication, determination and focus in sport have produced many rewards and lessons in Robert’s life, transcending both his professional and personal ambitions.

Robert is a Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) certified professional coach, who loves playing tennis. His strength is his vast experience and knowledge on how emotions impact performance, and the tools and techniques to more easily create high-productivity, a more satisfying level of success. His personal experience has provided great insight into how our unconscious programming, emotions and beliefs interact to enhance or limit success.

This has helped shape Robert’s understanding of peak-productivity and Emotional Fitness, by learning the techniques to ensure greater success both on and off the field:

  • To be able to help others unlock their passion, drive and purpose.
  • To help leaders guide their team with a culture of unity, trust and self-responsibility, by understanding their own and their team’s intrinsic motivation.

For more information please complete the below form. Robert works from either Auckland, Sydney or Christchurch. Or visit www.meetrcr.com to book a complimentary discovery session to review your strategy, systems and approach. Phone +64 21 367 411.



The Strategy for High-Productivity

Robert C Robertson

Robert C Robertson is based in Auckland New Zealand but using online technology such as the 1pageplan has clients all around the world.